Monday, July 18, 2011


                             LEOLA PRODUCE AUCTION

Experiencing Leola Produce Auction when visiting Lancaster County is a must.  This is a photographer's delight at this venue!
The auction takes place Monday through Friday usually.
The Amish bringing their wares by horse and wagon. 
The English are bringing their goodies by truck and just to see the contrast is fascinating.
Sitting side by side, both will be loaded with whatever is in season such as corn, peppers, watermelons, blueberries, peaches and a whole lot more. 
If you can think of it and it grows in the soil or on a tree you might find it at the Leola Produce Auction.
There will be buckets of glorious sunflowers, snapdragons, bachelor buttons and many other variety of flowers.
Make sure you grab a sandwich at the little snack bar.  It always taste better when you are outside scouting for goodies.
When walking the aisle you find fifteen different colors of peppers, ten different potatoes, the colors just "pop" out at you.
Come to Lancaster County, stay at the Olde Square Inn where the pool is open for you, breakfast on the veranda and a good night's sleep awaits you.
We will share with you some of the other great gems to be found in Lancaster County.
Located ten minutes from Lancaster, twenty minutes to Hershey, twenty to York.  A great central location! 

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