Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mount Joy Flood of 2011

Flood of 2011

The sirens started early in the morning and seemed to never end one day this week.  The rains brought us to our knees and the floods made our world come to a halt.

Within minutes it seemed the water overtook roads, homes, and sadly the lives of those who live among us.    

Volunteers of fireman came, neighbors, fellow business owners to reach out and do whatever they could to help those who were in peril.  They worked round the clock and gave all they could and beyond.

A small town embracing one another that will keep us surviving!  This is what America  stands for, neighbor helping neighbor, giving until you can give no more.

Our volunteers saved people from drowning as they were trapped on top of cars, bringing food and water to those who had none, restaurants who had to close because of flooding graciously gave their foods they had prepped but could not use to others in need.  

Businesses held the equipment of other restaurants in storage as they got through the flood, others came to help clean up the mess.

To those who lost their lives trying to help others in the flood we honor you and our hearts go out to those who are your family, friends and those who have loved you.

We cannot imagine the loss for those left behind that have lost a child, husband, friend in this flood.

As we struggle in this economy this will be a further hardship for those who have been effected.  The flood has subsided BUT please do not forget those who have suffered.  Your help, donations could help to keep a business surviving, you may be the one to give a family hope to continue on.  

The area has been effected by the flood but we are moving forward, rebuilding and cleaning up. We invite you to come and support our businesses, do not forget us as it could be our demise if we are forgotten.  

Small town, big hearts and generosity beyond comprehension.

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