Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Christmas and the American Dream"

"Christmas and the American Dream"

As we all know these are very difficult times and the world is struggling, especially our homeland, America.  America where dreams are brought to life.  
This Christmas we ask that you please think of your hometown business owner who has fulfilled their dream but now it is in jeopardy because of the economy.
You can make a difference to the small business owner by shopping at your local stores and supporting them.  Forever they will be grateful and it will help to bring America thrive again. Without you businesses will be lost and dreams will be forsaken.   It is you who can make a difference.  The local shop owner will be grateful and they in turn will and can give back to their community.
These are thoughts for your Christmas
Local food banks
Clothing and Furniture banks
Gift Certificates
Taking the stress away for a day and giving a spa gift
A night away at a local Bed and Breakfast
Dining for an evening of relaxation and remembering to give to each other
Local Craft shops
Floral Designs and Gift Shoppes
Decorating Stores
Coffee Shops
Repair Shop

Here in Mount Joy our streets are lined with businesses owned by local people who strive for customer service, buying local, fresh, American, and the unique.
We need you to keep our businesses alive and open.  Without you we will not exist and one more person has lost the American dream and one more person's family has fallen onto hard times.
Christmas is about giving, reaching out to one another and opening our hearts.
Keep the Star Above Shining this Christmas and sharing the blessing of Hope unto others.
We will be thrilled to have you walk through our doors!  

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