Thursday, July 19, 2012

Robin Bakes, Photgrapher/Artist

Robin Bakes
"Artistic and Captivating"

I wanted to highlight the next few blogs with some fantastic people in the world of small business and art within our community.

This isn't the typical blog I usually do as they are always about what to experience and what is happening in our area.

This time allow me to introduce you to Robin Bakes, photographer and artist.

Robin's work captures the moment, the hidden elements of the emotion, the beauty of the subject and setting.

Not the usual ho hum but with the "edge and depth of an artist" which she is.

My favorite is a bride who dips her hair in the water and the drops are captured in a full circle of an arch over her as she is stands in the water. 
Be the first to find this picture on Robin's site and email me where you found it. Can you tell me where the photo was shot? Tell me how many steps are in the picture and receive $25.00 your night at the Olde Square Inn

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