Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas and the Small Business, Giving from the Heart

                               OUR GIVING

The Olde Square Inn is one of millions of small businesses that keep the "heart" of America beating. Without you we could not survive nor could America.

It is important that we support these small home grown businesses so they survive. We provide jobs in our homelands and the purchase of goods and services from American itself.

We believe in buying local, fresh and made in America.

Please consider shopping in towns such as Mount Joy, Lititz, Manheim, Ephrata for your Christmas gifts.

For every person who stays at the Olde Square Inn we will donate to the Greybeards of New York who are restoring their town. Greybeards were featured on NBC news made up of many people who have provided services all their lives and are now reaching out to others for help.

So many are without this holiday season, PLEASE consider giving them a gift to help rebuild.  

We are giving a gift to YOU.  Check out our home page and the special!  You must mention the special when booking and we will give the discount upon arrival.

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