Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Year's Eve, Mount Joy PA, Bed and Breakfast

"New Year's Eve"

Come to the Olde Square Inn and celebrate bringing in the New Year.

Dinner at Accomac Inn with a $20.00 gift certificate towards your evening.

Attend the festivities Lancaster City PA where a great celebration awaits with concerts, fireworks, great restaurants and much more.

Stay local and have dinner at Bube's Brewery.

Whatever the reason you will have a great getaway tucking in with your own private bath, fireplace and beautiful guest room. 
A delicious breakfast will be waiting in the morning!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Gift Certificate, Last Minute Christmas Gift, Olde Square Inn


We have the Perfect answer!

Gift Certificate
to the
Olde Square Inn

Call us and we can get your gift certificate emailed ASAP in time for December 25, 2012.
Call 717-653-4525

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Etiquette of a Pet Friendly, Olde Square Inn Bed and Breakfast, Mount Joy PA

Pet Friendly
Olde Square Inn Bed and Breakfast

101 Etiquette 

I love creatures, always have and always will.  A horse woman and a former secondary trainer for United Disability Dogs I recognize and understand the heart of a lover for creatures.
Not everyone loves or has a passion for creatures like some of us.
It is important as an innkeeper to try and provide a delightful stay for everyone who comes through our doors.
When traveling to a Bed and Breakfast please consider these tips so that you and your pup will have a great stay!
If you consider these tipbits it will also help others have an enjoyable stay.

Proof of Vaccinations
A sweet smelling pup
Flea & Tick Free
Your Pup's favorite blanket and bed
A mat to set your creature bowls on
Sorry, but pets aren't allowed on the furniture
Good Manners 
Cleaning up after your pet 

There are many places in Mount Joy and surrounding area to take your pet for a walk or a jog.

Check out our pet policy page.

We Welcome You!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Waltz Winery, Barred Rock Red Wine, Fourth Fridays

Waltz Winery
"Barred Rock Red"

 Fourth Fridays Entertainment

Your thinking "I am not interested in a chicken". might be interest in Waltz Vineyards new wine called
This is a semi-sweet red wine.

Debuting just for the holidays.

Another reason for you to come to Mount Joy PA and take in our local wineries.

Remember our surrounding towns each celebrate a First Friday in Lancaster, Second Friday in Lititz and Fourth Friday in our own sweet town
 Mount Joy PA.

Each town offers unique Friday's such as specialties for dining, entertainment and art.

Settle in by the fireplace as each room has one. 

Awaken to a delicious breakfast in the morning.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Romantic New Years Eve Package, Flowers, Dining and More!

Romantic New Year's Eve Package

The Olde Square Inn
Mount Joy PA

Homemade Candy
Massage for two
$20.00 Gift Certificate Dining Accomac Inn


Homemade Candy
$20.00 Gift Certificate Dining Accomac Inn

We welcome you to come and spend the night and you don't have to indulge in a package.  All guest rooms have fireplaces and private baths.

Massage based on availability
Key Largo and Carriage House is an additional $85.00 per package
PACKAGES ONLY Must be booked and ordered by December 26,  2012
 Please call 717-653-4525 for this package.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Breakfast at the Olde Square Inn, Recipe for Cinnamon French Toast



I love creating breakfast. 

As a water-colorist I consider food an extension of art.

You create menus, recipes, serve your breakfast so it is "eye candy" and the guests can't wait to eat it!

When you read our reviews on Trip Advisor and Bed and the guests love our breakfast creations at the Olde Square Inn.

This week we served homemade french toast along with scrambled eggs and a large serving of fresh fruit made with pineapple, mango, kiwi and grapes.

The french toast was superb because it was made from Ric's Breads homemade cinnamon bread located in Central Market, Lancaster PA.

This bread is a different creation of the norm.  Lots of cinnamon and sugar.  

Recipe for The Olde Square Inn French Toast

One loaf of Ric's Cinnamon Bread sliced thick
Dip into a mixture of cream, eggs and vanilla
Place onto hot griddle
What makes this the best is pouring
Real Vermont Maple Syrup on while grilling it.
Place a few pecans on the grill.
Serve with whip cream, a bit more syrup and pecans
Don't think about the calories it is worth every drop to the hips!  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stay and Walk Getaway on Amtrak, Mount Joy PA




I had a guest travel by Amtrak to Mount Joy PA and said "you are the only Bed and Breakfast I could find down from the Hudson Valley where I could walk to a Bed and Breakfast.  I did not want to bring my car and was looking for somewhere that I could enjoy a getaway free of driving".

This guest was more than pleased when she came for a visit.  She loved the inn and raved about her breakfast. We make our breakfast from local meats, fresh baked breads, eggs from the local farm, growing our own potatoes and picking the fruits from the orchards.  Food is an art and we love serving delicious dishes just for you.

Our guest was delighted to sit on the porch reading a book or taking a dip in the pool while she was here in the summer. 

The winter holds just as much to enjoy here in Mount Joy PA.  You can walk to many restaurants such as Bube's Brewery where they host murder mysteries or dine in their catacombs.  Harvey's Barbecue, Higher Ground Coffee Shop, Mick's Pub, Mosby's all boasting the best in dining experiences.

Want to get a bit relaxed and stress free?  We will book a massage for you at the spa!  Wine, cheese and crackers served after your massage. problem.  Quaint stores such as Fashion Finish Boutique, As the Crow Flies, The Shoppes on Main who has an outstanding floral designer among other artists.  Antique Shops, Designer stores, and let's not forget  Floral Designs of Mount Joy who was featured in the Wedding Knot. (These stores are open Tuesday through Saturday).

I love traveling by Amtrak.  Great service and gracious folks to take care of you while you are riding the train.

Located just three blocks from the drop off station.  Amtrak is building a station here.  They have just finished the "Festival Street" lined with cobblestones, old time lights, and an overhang.  Beautiful architecture for this enhancement.

We will come to pick you up if you have extra luggage to carry.

Small town businesses with a heart to serve.

 Helping America rebuild!

All guests rooms have fireplaces for your enjoyment.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Hershey Events, Gaither Homecoming, Olde Square Inn

Hershey Events

Hershey is located just fifteen minutes from the Olde Square Inn centrally located  in Mount Joy PA.  Small town businesses and folks with warm hospitality waiting to serve you!

Come and stay at the inn, receive 20% off your guest room that has a fireplace waiting for you.
Choose a massage and receive 20% discount.

Dinner at the Accomac Inn has generously given $20.00 gift certificates for our guests.

Don't want to go to the concert, come and tuck in with us and we will help you have a great romantic getaway weekend.