Friday, March 8, 2013

Ameircan Quilt Society in Lancaster PA



MARCH 13-16, 2013

Can you imagine all the hands and tiny stitches that went into making a quilt?

The hours could be hundreds and the patience of Job.

Creating the art of a quilt is a time of possible fellowship, or a time of quiet, just you and your project coming to life on the material chosen for the canvas.

Quilting has survived for hundreds of years and many of those quilts may have a story that goes with them.

Here in Lancaster County quilts were hung from the lines a certain way to tell a slave whether it was safe for them to come into the home that was being used for the Underground Railroad.

Quilts provided the warmth when there was no heat or the comfort of knowing a loved one made the quilt and it is now wrapped around you.

Come to the Lancaster Convention Center where your you will be awed by the workmanship and gathering of kind spirited souls.

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