Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bube's Brewery, Catacombs Dining, Feast and the Biergarten

"Bube's Brewery"

located in

Mount Joy PA

Bube's is such a unique venue and quite honestly I know of none other like it. 

Alois is for the fine dining or wedding reception.  It reminds of a step back in time when there was grandeur in the hotel's of the west.

Then there is the Murder Mysteries where the actors and actresses become someone else and don't vie from that person.  My guests have loved their experiences at the Murder Mysteries. 

We had a guest who had no idea that the Christmas Santa Claus was going to have her sit on his lap and presented her with the engagement ring she had longed for quite a while.  A night to remember!

This was quite the breakfast conversation.

Then you have the Bottling Works and of course the lovely Biergarten which is my favorite.

Best but not least is the Catacombs where you enjoy fine dining by candlelight "down under".

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