Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Covered Bridge Tour through Lancaster County

"Covered Bridge Tour"
Lancaster County

When I drive across a covered bridge I love hearing the boards of the floor "sing".

Envision the men who carried the hand hewn beams, the floor boards, the arches,  being taken through the sawmill.  Horses bringing wagon loads of boards to erect these wonderful pieces of architecture that are now landmarks of history.

Just think no computers, no graph paper, no phones but simply the talents and minds of great men with a vision.

They were built to have access across the streams but also to hopefully withstand the storms and floods. So many of these bridges did withstand the storms for over a hundred of years.

Picnics were held on these bridges, marriage proposals were made and some loved doing the catwalk of the arches inside these bridges.  Romantics danced on these bridges.

Strasburg Scotters is starting tours  April 1, 2013.

You will travel many of the back roads of this county that has some of the most beautiful countryside in America.

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