Thursday, August 29, 2013

Olde Square Inn Improving it's Amenities Just for You!


The restorations for the inn itself are almost completed.

I have focused now on the finer things that make for a more complete stay.

Each of the guests rooms now have their own compact refrigerator.

You will find a set of wine glasses, corkscrew, drinking glasses, a delightful colored glass bottle filled with spring water.

A sweet little ice maker has been put in place so you can come and fill your mini glass ice holder along with a set of bamboo tongs.

A Keurig has been added so in the afternoon or evening you may enjoy your favorite beverage.

My talented carpenters have painted a cute little table black and was added to the Key Largo room so you may now enjoy your snack during your stay.

Chickens, chickens and a cute little mini coop barn on wheels!

When I had my horse farm one of the favorites parts of the day was putting my hand under the chicken that was nesting to see if there were eggs waiting for me.

Well here at the inn I have my chickens back in a cute little red mini barn on wheels.

Now we not only get eggs from the friend's chicken house but our very own.  Fresh and only the best for the guest.

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  1. Sounds like you have been busy ! we look forward to our stay in October! J and Ron