Monday, August 26, 2013



After three years of being an innkeeper I have decided to start writing about a few of my experiences.

It will also help to quench the thirst of a writer and an artist within my soul.

This week I have seen the gardens come full circle in their glory.

The sunflowers are profilic and the goldfinch are having a heyday with the delicious seeds.

Mr. Jack, the Jack Russell has taken to the discovery of locusts and digging holes to unearth them.

The tomatoes are setting outside and Mr. Jack likes to retrieve them for a ball.

Always looking for new breakfast dishes and of course the artist of creativity comes out.

One morning we had poached eggs, with fresh basil, tomatoes topped with lump crabmeat.

The guests gave it ten stars.

This morning with my own fresh eggs from the chickens I now have the creation of a delicious omelet.

3 eggs
1/3 c. of cream
1 t. fresh basil
1 t. fresh dill
spring onions chopped
2 T. of feta cheese
1 T. of fresh tomatoes

Make your omelet, layer the goodies on the one side and flip the other side over the bottom of the other side.

Served with fresh cantelope, pineapple coconut muffin and toast.

Wonderful guests this week. A family of four.  Two beautiful delightful girls.

Mom was born in S. America and Dad Mexico.

His trade is a foot and ankle doctor.

Heading off for a day at Dutch Wonderland

Another day brought someone who needed respite.

Her mom is in Hospice and she has been sleeping in a bed beside her.

 A devoted daughter and trying to make the last days for her mom the best she can.

Her mom has to leave hospice. This daughter returned to me asking if I knew of a place they could tuck into for the remainder of the journey.

Our team that is here met together and we came up with a lovely little place for them to tuck into for the remainder of this journey.

Amazing how God works!

I have fallen in love with the work of a photographer, Patty Franklin O'Brien.

A local girl, who loves black and white.

Her pictures capture the soul of whomever and whatever she is photographing.  

There is a definite artist bent to her work.

I can't wait until the new pictures arrive for viewing.

The pool is calming here when I look out from my kitchen windows.

Upstairs on the balcony the first of the yellow pond lily has bloomed.

I love the tropical lilies that are a beautiful purple

Shall we do a Chapter 2?

Chapter 1 August 2013

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