Monday, September 2, 2013

Reflections from an Innkeeper, Chapter 2


Amazing tomorrow that September 1 will be here.
Where has the summer gone?
I have gloried in watching the goldfinch eat from the sunflowers!
I hear their sounds from the back porch and love it.
You never know who will come to you as a guest, their reason for being a guest, are they here for respite, vacation?
A couple of weeks ago a young woman came to stay.
Her mother is a patient at hospice.
This daughter had been sleeping in a bed beside her mom for some time and she needed some respite for herself.
She seemed like a daughter from the moment I met her.
Her mom had been in a valley and then rallied, yeah!
But the time has come to leave hospice until the journey ends for her on earth.
These two ladies had no idea where they were going to live.
We talked, I listened, spoke to my girls and we knew we had to help this young lady and support her.
Delighted to say this daughter and mom will now have a place to stay, together until the trumpet sounds for this mother to go home!
Bed and Breakfast sets us apart from other lodging because we embrace those who walk through our doors, we feel and hear their joys and their burdens.
It is definitely a different unusual life, one that reaches out to others and embraces them wherever they may be.

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