Friday, December 6, 2013

Traveling with the Innkeeper, The Gift of Giving, With Trust, Kindness and Generosity

"The Gift of Giving"

Faith in the Human Heart 


Today I went shopping at Smart Shopper in Middletown.

I love that store and have been there many times.

Today for some reason the check machine decided to reject my check.

I had no clue why and neither did the store clerk.
Monies were there to cover it but it was a "no go".
A lovely young woman behind me said, "I trust you and I will pay your bill."

That bill was $108.00!

She said "you can send me a check".

Here my check just bounced but she trusted me.

She said "I can tell you will pay me".

This woman gave me a wonderful gift today!

She opened her heart and stretched out her hands to help me, trusted me and had no guarantee I would in fact pay her back except that "I looked honest".

God, thank you for this young woman.

There are wonderful people in the world, kind, generous and embracing.

May we each reach out and touch someone's life and heart today.

Will you make a difference in someone's life this season?

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