Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Getaway with Special Savings at the Olde Square Inn and Dinner in the Accomac Inn


Stay two nights at the Olde Square Inn and receive 15% off your second night, Monday through Thursday during the month of October.

Dine at the Accomac Inn and a $20.00 gift certificate will be given towards your
outstanding dining experience 


Call 717-653-4525 for reservations.

May not be combined with any other special, offer or discount. Based on availability
Cash payment for this special offer.  If not paying by cash 3% is added to the rate.
This special applies to reservations made after 9/29/2013

Expires 10/30/2013  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Traveling with a Lancaster County Innkeeper, Accomac Inn

Traveling with a Lancaster County Innkeeper

Dining at the Accomac Inn

Right away I am captured by the stone building and the beautiful porch.

The porch lures you in with its royal blue fabric on the chairs and the crips white linens.

Your eyes then go the to the river and the setting is just perfect.

We sat in the little bar and could view the river from our seats.

Food, it is an art and I love the art of food.

Service was outstanding from the very beginning to the end.

I was sorry to see the end of the meal and you could have rolled me out the door.

The portions are not large but there are so many courses to taste I found myself to full but did not want the evening experience to end.

My pulled pork spring rolls had a "kick" to them but I had never had "fresh" spring rolls with pulled pork.

We then were served the sweet little portion of fresh peach soup.

Sorbet was served to cleanse the pallet.  

Yummy it was.

The medallions of beef came and were prepared table side.
WOW! These medallions were so tender and flavorful.

The potatoes were numerous layers and so tender the fork went down through them like they were butter.

Dessert......what can I say but it was off the charts.

Chocolate, chocolate served with Earl Grey Ice cream and a hint of fruit in it.

My dining partner had the peach flan and it was superb.  

I was surprised how many young adults were there to indulge, enjoy this great wonderful experience.

Their palettes are sure to not be disappointed.

Accomac has graciously given us a $20.00 gift certificate for our guests staying at the Olde Square Inn.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Traveling With A Lancaster County Innkeeper


  I have traveled extensively near and far.

As a former travel guide and a horsewoman I have experienced some outstanding points of interest here and across the world.

My hope is to take you to some of the hidden gems located in Lancaster County.

You won't be bored and the offerings are widespread from outdoor recreation to produce markets. Shopping, antiques, art, theater, and excellent restaurants. You name it I think it can be found here in this county.

Your first adventure is the Leola Produce Auction on Church of the Brethren Road, Leola PA.


The Amish and English bring their produce, flowers, shrubs to this wonderful auction a couple of times a week. 

You will find an Amish man with his beautiful horses and maybe a load of corn being pulled behind him.                              
In the next lane an "English" fellow might have a load of watermelons.

When you walk the aisles inside the auction house their might be thirty different colors of peppers, buckets and buckets of sunflowers, potatoes, fruits in seasons, flowers and whole lot more.                                
This is a photographer's paradise when it comes to colors!

An absolute delight for the "foodie" and person who wants their wares right from the fields and fresh as the morning dew!

The auction goes for hours and the it offers great food from the snack stand.  It always tastes great when you are in the open fresh 

The Amish are cutting tobacco and getting their "tepees" to start drying the tobacco as it is cut.  

The fields are beautiful right now with the "tepees", other other crops being harvested.

Right now the most beautiful sight to me is along Route 462 by Lehmans Feed Store a field of sunflowers.  

Come along the Old Route 30 bridge and go about ten minutes up the road on your right.  You can't miss them. 


They are all pointing in one direction and just glorious! 



Monday, September 2, 2013

Reflections from an Innkeeper, Chapter 2


Amazing tomorrow that September 1 will be here.
Where has the summer gone?
I have gloried in watching the goldfinch eat from the sunflowers!
I hear their sounds from the back porch and love it.
You never know who will come to you as a guest, their reason for being a guest, are they here for respite, vacation?
A couple of weeks ago a young woman came to stay.
Her mother is a patient at hospice.
This daughter had been sleeping in a bed beside her mom for some time and she needed some respite for herself.
She seemed like a daughter from the moment I met her.
Her mom had been in a valley and then rallied, yeah!
But the time has come to leave hospice until the journey ends for her on earth.
These two ladies had no idea where they were going to live.
We talked, I listened, spoke to my girls and we knew we had to help this young lady and support her.
Delighted to say this daughter and mom will now have a place to stay, together until the trumpet sounds for this mother to go home!
Bed and Breakfast sets us apart from other lodging because we embrace those who walk through our doors, we feel and hear their joys and their burdens.
It is definitely a different unusual life, one that reaches out to others and embraces them wherever they may be.