Friday, January 31, 2014

The Amish Shunned, Lancaster County, PA

"The Amish Shunned"

February 4, 2014 
Presented by PBS, "The American Experience"

Our local PennsylvaniaDutch Visitor's Bureau does a great job with informing us of the accolades and highlights the media shines on Lancaster County.
Recently they sent a message to us telling of the documentary entitled "The Amish Shunned".
Amish life is a journey that does not transform to the American we of life as we know it.
Sometimes an Amish person chooses to not abide by the rules and guidelines of the Amish Faith.
When an Amish person chooses to continually go against the church and its faith the person is shunned within their community.
This story will show another side of the Amish life and its importance of responsibility, respect to be given to the church, elders and their family.

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