Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Black and White Photography Artist, Patty Franklin O'Brien, Summer Crow Photos

Patty Franklin O'Brien

"Summer Crow Photography"

I love art and photography, always have, always will.

There is a passion and deep love for me in the life of black and white.

"Patty Franklin O'Brien" captures the "soul" within a picture.

Patty has brought the gift of "Summer Crow Photo's" to us.

The pictures often has layers to be peeled back and to make you process in your mind, truly think and respond to all the emotions that her work evokes within what you are seeing through your eyes and through the eyes of the work she has captured.

                    Enjoy these moments

Patty always knows how to capture the hearts of horsewomen and she sure did it here.

The bonding, protection, love a creature has for it's young is such a lesson for the human race.

I love that Patty captured the tail over this little foal, it was if to say "I love you, I will take care of you. Stay close by my side, I will lead, you will follow and together we will grow and learn".   

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